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Diaper Bag Rag is a patent pending product inspired by real-life situations, dedicated to every messy phase of  motherhood, and designed to bring users fresh style and versatility.

Diaper Bag Rag was created out of necessity. As a mother of two messy babies I found myself constantly digging through my diaper bag for looking for anything to soak up the mess of the moment.

To make those situations easier, I began tying cloths and rags to the outside of my diaper bag, but it looked so unattractive, so I began to seek out more absorbent fabrics and decorative scarfs that could serve my needs.


I didn't stop searching for a solution, until I stumbled across some Rayon fabrics that changed everything. They hung perfectly on my diaper bag, came in elegant prints, and could absorb more liquid than all of favorite burp cloths combined. I added some more versatility, to make it useful for every situation and Diaper Bag Rag was born.


If you're powering through those months with a newborn or experiencing the thrills of watching your baby grow into a toddler, we got you fully covered. Our Diaper Bag Rags are functional, fashionable, and affordable. They eliminate the excess items you need in your diaper bag, while being more readily available for fast clean ups, and are exceptionally more absorbent. 


We want to support mothers in some of their messiest times of need. We remain committed to providing only top-quality products that bring a true value to our customers. Let us help with the mess.

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